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We believe in treating others, and especially kids (who model our behavior), respectfully. With connection in mind, we’ll show you how positive parenting and gentle discipline work as part of positive living. 

You’ll find our positive parenting articles here. Looking for positive parenting books by authors we trust? We have them (and we don’t share them here unless we’ve read them and found them helpful). 

Looking for wonderful children’s books that can help your kids feel good about themselves and about the world, no matter their situation? Got ’em.

And so much more. From our favorite toys to holiday fun, we have so many special items for your family to love.

Positive Learning

How about information related to positive learning, either homeschooling or learning in a more traditional setting? And what about other ideas for parents, like suggestions for traveling with your family? See our positive learning page

Positive Wellness (follow this page on Facebook)

Positive parenting and positive living include how we treat our bodies. Here, you’ll find our wellness articles. We also have a list of items we use in our home to help keep us healthy.

The Golden Rule: “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.”