Positive Parenting (follow this page on Facebook and Instagram)

We believe in treating others, and especially kids, the way we’d like them to treat us. (Yep, the Golden Rule.) With that in mind, we’ll show you how positive parenting and gentle discipline work as part of positive living. Parenting can be joyful!  

As part of positive parenting, we also focus on education. Here, you’ll find stories and resources that can support your kids’ educational journey. We’ll share the ideas we’ve learned through homeschooling, worldschooling, and through a more traditional school system. All can be a beneficial part of positive living!

Examples of our research-based articles include how to:

  • Create a growth mindset in children 
  • Help kids overcome adversity
  • Find the patience for positive discipline
  • Help your children grow their self-esteem and confidence
  • Support a highly sensitive child (HSC) effectively and lovingly
  • Balance healthy boundaries within positive parenting and mindful discipline
  • Teach children resilience and cooperation, whether as a parent or an educator

Positive Wellness (follow this page on Facebook)

Here, you’ll find wellness ideas and delicious recipes for the whole family! Positive parenting includes how we treat our bodies. We want you to treat yours well. Vegetarian or vegan? We’ve got you covered. Everyday omnivore? C’mon over. Food allergies or sensitivities*? Yep, we understand. Often with just a simple tweak to a recipe, you can feed everyone at your table. 

*Always work with a medical professional to address your specific dietary needs.