The No-Cry Discipline Solution: Gentle Ways to Encourage Good Behavior Without Whining, Tantrums, and Tears: Foreword by Tim Seldin (Pantley)

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Disciplining children is arguably one of the crucial hardest skills for parents to learn. As a parent herself, Elizabeth Pantley knows what a challenge it is to establish good discipline, and she shares the hard-won wisdom of her experience with parents in this latest edition to her revolutionary “no-cry” approach to parenting. In this case, we have no doubt she’s saving parents from tears, too! Elizabeth Pantley’s approach to this age-old problem is unique because she doesn’t rely on old discipline models that ceaselessly make parents feel like the bad guy. Instead, she gives parents the communication tools they need to stop bad behavior in its tracks and gain a deeper understanding of what triggers a child to act out. Any parent will appreciate the focus on love and nurturing in this wholly practical and much-needed addition to the child care shelf.

A Special Message from Elizabeth Pantley to Readers
As a mom of four, two boys and two girls, I know that raising children is a unique experience every day. Our children bring us a level of joy, and a depth of love, that nothing else in our history has prepared us for. They change us as human beings, and we will be able to never go back to who we were before they entered our lives.

We love our children intensely, yet every day life with them can be challenging, frustrating and exhausting. All day, every day, there are such a lot of things we must get our children to do–or stop from doing. Beginning with getting them out of bed in the morning, and ending with putting them to bed at night (and ceaselessly, not even then), our job involves an improbable amount of organization, guidance, direction and connection. And all that requires a brilliance and stamina that we never knew we possessed, but by some means must find.

I spend my time surrounded by parents, children and families. I’ve worked with hundreds of “Test Parents” from all over the world during my book writing process. And of course, I have my very own “laboratory” in my home. So I have a very good idea of the top issues that all parents share. I research the best answers that support positive, nurturing, “No-Cry” parenting ideals and share those answers with my readers in my books.

I hope that I will be able to help you to find the solutions to the parenting challenge that you are facing today.


From Publishers Weekly

The author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution returns with this guide to helping parents remain in control of their two-to -eight-year-olds. A child, Pantley points out, is emotion in motion. She provides a variety of techniques to help rein in out-of-control children, based on a four-part plan that corrects the current behavior, teaches a lesson, helps the child learn control and builds the relationship between the parent and child. Her techniques are not unusual, ranging from telling stories and giving timeout warnings to distractions and simply looking away (Every once in a At the same time as, the best thing you’ll do for family peace is to turn around, pretend you didn’t see it, take a deep breath, and move on to something else). Where Pantley does break away from the parenting pack is explaining how parents can control themselves. Her suggestions won’t be easy for parents to follow, but they make solid sense. The final part of the guide will be the most thumbed-through section: concrete advice for specific problems such as bossiness, sleep issues and sibling disagreements. Attachment parents as well as those looking for a gentle approach will appreciate the wisdom Pantley shares. (July)
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Winner of the Disney’s iParenting Media Award for Best Product Have the Terrible Twos become the Terrifying Threes, Fearsome Fours, Frightening Fives, and beyond? Elizabeth Pantley, creator of the No-Cry revolution, gives you advice for raising well-behaved children, from ages 2 through 8 In The No-Cry Discipline Solution, parenting expert Elizabeth Pantley shows you how to deal with your child’s behavior. Written with warmth but based in practicality, Elizabeth shows you how to deal with childhood’s most common behavioral problems: Tantrums Sleep issues Backtalk Hitting, Kicking and Hair Pulling Sibling fights Swearing Dawdling Public misbehavior Whining … and more! “Pantley applies succinct solutions to dozens of everyday-problem scenarios–from backtalk to dawdling to lying to sharing to screaming–as guides for readers to fashion their own responses. Pantley is a loving realist who has managed, mirabile dictu, to give disciplinarianism a good, warm name.” –Kirkus “At the same time as many books on discipline theory are interesting and enlightening, parents ceaselessly struggle finding a way to apply the theories. Pantley’s advice is practical and specific. If ever trapped on a desert island with a bunch of kids, this is likely one of the most useful books you could bring along.” –Tera Schreiber, Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine

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